Size: 6 X 4.5 ft


Designs are made by hand with ink and watercolour, specially printed on premium cotton textile, made in Australia.

Magnolia Premium Cotton Scarf

  • Jaslyne Gan is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. Her body of work explores the making of marks through the interaction of form, color and light. Her work as a result exhibits a sense of ephemerality. 


    Artist's Personal Statement 

    "The most meaningful creative exercise I did in class was drawing with my eyes blindfolded. Charcoal in my right hand and fingertips on parchment paper, I began to learn to see with the motion of my arm; I gesture over and across the paper, applying weight to the surface when I decide or wrongly decide; I utilize the varying edges of the charcoal pressing it on paper; I create a rhythm of what would eventually appear as marks on paper; marks that made no sense with eyes open, but signified an expression, feeling, or thought"




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